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Well, I think this came about because Chris is obviously a very talented writer and we just thought, wouldn’t it be interesting for somebody like Chris who does have a knack for writing and storytelling to be able to do something fresh on the show, and we’ve always had that tradition, you know, we’ve always had that open door that if you were interested in directing… Matt Morrison was interested in trying out, and we let him take an episode that he did so well on. So that’s always been something to me that if anybody has said oh, I’m interested in trying that, let’s do that, and Chris obviously has an interest and a knack for writing, so we gave it a whirl, and it turned out really, really great. I think they’re still shooting some of the episode. I think there’s a couple more days on it, and I know he talked about the casting so I don’t need to, but it was fun. He was very involved in all that stuff which I think was interesting for him. It was an interesting thing to have an actor, playing a character, getting to write an episode about that character, so it turned out really well and I think everybody’s really happy with it, and I hope next year that he would want to do another one. I think it would be great, and maybe he would even want to direct it.

Chris Colfer and Will Sherrod seen at Pussy Riot reception hosted by Roland Emmerich at Acabar, on Sunday, April, 06, 2014 in Los Angeles, CA.

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